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How to dry carpet
Drying Room

Drying Room The prepared drying room should not exceed 100m³ (cubic meter). For drying rooms over 100m³ a secondary machine will be required. The unit of volume measure, cubic meter, relates to square meter and ceiling height of the room. Ceiling height over 2.5m is not recommended.

For example; for a room with 2.5 ceiling height, the surface must be 40m² at most. 40 x 2.5 = 100 m³

The smaller the drying room, the faster the drying operation. For this reason, a room in necessary size for the daily carpet washing capacity is recommended.

Frigorific Container Frigorific cases can also be used for drying room. Heat insulation is present in own bodies of frigorific cases which are generally used as cold storages.

Rm 55.000 Drying Machine

Rm 55.000 : Our patented product Rm 55.000 Drying Machine is equipped with the technology that is able to conduct 3 different functions on its own. Heats the drying room (50° C), turns the humid in the air into water and discharges it and produces dry air. This new technology product is more economical compared to other drying systems. Portability of the product and low energy consumption provides significant advantages for the user.

ModelsV 4.4V 6.1V 9
Dimensions76-80-125 cm76-80-125 cm76-86-130 cm
Weight180 kg190 kg210 kg
Energy Consumption 6.1 kw/h6.1 kw/h9 kw/h
Heating Capacity 6.400 kcal/h12.000 kcal/h25.000 kcal/h
Dehumidification Cap.15 lt/h20 lt/h30 lt/h
Max. Etkili Alan100 m³100 m³100 m³
Price 8.617,50 $9.721,50 $13.597,50 $

External Fans

Vortice Vario 230/9 AR LL S

Automatic louvered and air tight 2 fans are mounted on the both sides of drying room as shown in the figure. Fans operate in connection with the machine. Machine starts the fans when necessary. One of the fans intake air in the room and the other discharges the air. The aim here is to maintain a stable temperature in the room.

External fans are not obligatory for the operation of Rm 55.000 drying machine. But for quicker drying and maximum performance, this fan system is utilized. External fans are imported from abroad and not included in the price of the drying machine.

Connecting cables
L1 - Brown cable
N4 - Blue cable

Direction of Fans
N4 - 3 louvered sides make suction.

Vario 230/9 User Manual pdf


Hangers in drying room should be placed in parallel to the blowing surface of drying machine as shown in the above figure. The blown air spreads in the whole room by flowing through the carpets. To increase carpet hanging capacity of your room, the distance between 2 hangers may be decreased to 15cm. The important thing is to prevent contact between the carpets and let the air flow through the hanged carpets.

Heat insulation

Internal surface of the room must be heat insulated for drying. In rooms without insulation, maintaining the necessary temperature is hard and drying takes time. Less the heat loss, faster the drying.

Compressed Styropor
This is a compound similar to foam generally used for external facade insulation. It is used for insulation against heat, cold and noise.

Drying room should not let air in. All internal surfaces, ceiling, floor, door and side walls must be covered with compressed polystyrene completely to prevent heat loss in the room. Sandwich panel and similar hard material may be used for floor to prevent crushing.